Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Three Ladies

I had a dream last night ...

There was a big ship.  Every once in a while the ship would be lost.  A man would come and help steer the ship and it wouldn't be lost anymore.

The man would eventually get his own ship and sail away.

There were three ladies on the ship who became very close.  So close in fact that they all changed their last name to "Smith".  They had taken on each other's identity.  It was an act to demonstrate their love and unity for one another ... that they were family.

But then this man returned to the ship.  He began to romance the woman.  One of the women became engaged to the man.  They all rejoiced at this.  Now the man happened to have the same name as the women ... Smith.  But He changed his name and became Mr. Johnson.  This caused no small difficulty for the women, who loved one another.

It went on for months ... engaged, she was deeply in love with both her sisters and with her future husband.  But she could not conceive of doing as he was asking ... changing her identity again.  But eventually she did it.  She was married and she became Mrs. Johnson.  And then I woke up.

I believe that ...

The ship was Israel
The man was Jesus Christ
The three women were the Church
Only one was willing to get married and change her identity again, to take on His identity.

We are that woman.  We are engaged in unity to the Son.  We are not united in one another ... we are only united in Christ ... romance Him!

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